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"Thanks so much. You are such a blessing. I was thinking the maroon shutters too. That's fine! We will go with the maroon shutters, maroon trim and maroon porch. Now we are suppose to have an awning over the front door too. Something nice that blends in is fine. Thanks again." 

C. Dooley, Memphis, TN

Hobson & Scott Home Service Staff:"I used your color suggestions to create visual samples that would be pleasing to the eye. I hope this helps in your decision."
Customer:"I want to go with photo #1 but instead of the dark red door, I want to do the rustic red door. Thanks.


S. Dandridge, Memphis, TN

“After that kitchen was redone, that's my wife's favorite room in the house.” "Now we need to get the rest of the house done."

J. Goliday, Memphis, TN ​

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